We conduct each Fall a low-key stewardship program wherein pledge cards are distributed at a church meal or at small group suppers in church members’ homes. In accordance with the modified Alabama Plan adopted by the diocese years ago, the Vestry develops the budget for the following calendar year based on those pledges, anticipated plate offerings and other sources of revenue. That budget is presented at the parish meeting early in that calendar year.

Pledged amounts as well as the identity of those who do not pledge are held in confidence, known only to the rector (should he or she want that information in connection with the possible existence of issues requiring pastoral attention), the Treasurer, the Bookkeeper and the head of the stewardship committee. No one is required to pledge in order to be a member of the congregation in good standing, the church canons only requiring in this respect that such person be “known to the Rector and the Treasurer as supporting the work of the parish.”